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Single Row Cup Packing Machine

Single Row Cup Packing Machine

Single Row Cup Packing Machine
It is suitable for Counting& Packing plastic disposable and paper cups and bowl. The quantity is according to client’s requirement.
Main Character:
Machine adopts Siemens control system, Mitsubishi servo motor driver, ensure durable, smooth operation.
Compact structure, stable performance, simple operation, without special operation, no waste of film rotating knife as rotation angle and bring the card material.
Bigger regulation scope, wider packaging range, more compact packaging.
Counting adopts optical fiber control, synchronous adjustment. Without high requirement of cups, counting accuracy, convenient adjustment, flexible replacement packaging.
Machine adopts Dirct push design, ensure counting and packing smooth, not as falling cups, problem cup and plugging phenomenon.

echnical Parameter:

型号 Model


包装膜宽  Packing width


包装材料 Packing material

OPP, CPP, PE film etc

杯子口径 Cup diameter


包装速度 Packing speed

途游棋牌游戏1500 Pcs/min

总功率 Total power

4 Kw

电压  Votage

途游棋牌游戏AC 220V, 50/60HZ.

整机重量 Total weight

About 800 Kg

尺寸( L*W* H )Dimension

5200 *900* 1200mm

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